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Frequently Asked Questions

New Patient Visits:

  • How do I make an appointment?Please call our office to make an appointment. Please visit the Contact page for our office information and locations.
  • Is there anything I need to bring to my appointment?Yes. Any and all pertinent imaging (the actual disc) that you have had up to your appointment date, if performed outside of the Memorial Healthcare System. We should have received all reports and/or notes from your referring physician prior to your appointment.

    You can also visit our New Patient Forms link to print and fill out forms we ask all new patients to complete.

    Other information is provided on our Appointment page.

Pre Procedure or Pre Op:

  • What do I need to know before my procedure or surgery?Most of your pre-procedure/surgery questions will be answered in your pre-op or new patient visit with our surgeons. If there are any points that you and your family are unclear of, you are more than welcome to call our office nurse for clarification.

    Specific Pre Op instructions are available on our website.

  • Do I need to stop taking certain medications before my procedure?Possibly. Please clarify with our nurse all of your current medications and we will let you know if and when any medications need to be stopped.

Post Procedure:

  • How long will I be in the hospital?For outpatient procedures, you will arrive in the morning and expect to leave the same day (some examples of our outpatient procedures include EBUS, EUS, EGD, mediastinoscopy, pleurX catheter insertion).

    For the majority of our surgical procedures, expect to remain in the hospital 1-4 days, depending on the type of surgery you are having. Some surgeries will require longer hospital stays.

  • When will I receive the final pathology results?Final pathology typically takes 5-10 business days. Our surgeons will call you once the final results are available to discuss the results and any other recommendations or follow ups necessary.
  • What are my restrictions?Depending on the surgery, there are certain physical restrictions you may have. These will be reviewed with you prior to leaving the hospital.
  • When do I come back and see the surgeon?We recommend making follow up appointments within 2-3 weeks after discharge. You will need to call our office to make an appointment.

Other questions:

  • Does “this” look normal?If you have any concerns regarding the “look” of an incision site, you can call our office nurse and/or email us a picture of the area of concern at [javascript protected email address] .